Friday, April 29, 2011

Au Revoir Avril

 beginning of April had a heatwave - yes, I really do drink that much water per day.

made waffles at the Wong residence
 dyed my hair.. can't really tell but in the sunlight you can! used prettia japanese foam dye
 love my little niece, even when she gives me the stink eye.
 more sunbathing

 Los Angeles for pre-Coachella tanning and yes, that's all I packed.

 Giants vs Dodgers Susy vs 21st Amendment's Watermelon Beers
Oh, look who I found! SERENA! Props to her for telling me about watermelon beer.
 Susy: 0  21st Amendment's watermelon beers: 1

 China Glaze Peachy Keen
the best part about Easter
 ^ yea I guess
I ♥ my special edition World Series Champs 55 TIM LINCECUM jersey
 In a past life, I was Latina or something. I chased the food cart lady in the Mission for some mangoes con chile
 SMITTEN ICE CREAM! Why am I wearing glasses?

 ...and more ice cream @ Mitchells. OPI - Jade Is The New Black
bye bye glasses! i'm getting Lasik done next week =]


  1. mmm i <3 chili mango! have you had the chamango drink??? that's bomb too. Congrats on Lasik!

  2. hannah loves her auntie skankie too! ^_^

  3. You're getting lasik? Everyone around me seems to be doing that lately! I want to also, but I'm not sure what's holding me back :p

    Watermelon beer sounds really awesome!

  4. oh em gee.... I love mangoes! lol. Did you took French or something? I did too! I might minor in it or sign language or some other kind of language... even though... I'm so bad at it =[ I can read it pretty well (took it for 6.5 years in middle-high school) and I can understand when someone speaks it but I can't speak it. lol! Yay for Lasik for youuu. Can you please blog about it later after the procedure of your experience with Lasik?

  5. ahh I want the China Glaze Peachy Keen now!

    & you look so cute with a fitted on! <3

  6. I was finally able to get Peachy Keen yesterday! :D

    Good luck w/ the lasik.... I still need to take the plunge w/ that but I'll see.. Not sure if I'm ready yet

  7. mmmm! all that food looks good! Ohhh, i
    m going to look for the china peachy glaze now. Great color!

  8. Watermelon beer sounds interesting! Does it still have a strong beer flavor? Or is it light, refreshing, and has some hint of watermelon in it? I hate beer...that's why I ask. If I can find a light beer that tastes yummy and isn't too overpowering for my tastebuds, I'll be super happy.

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!! YAYY yummmmy!!! nom om om om nom! :3 Especially with this wonderful hot summer weather upon us, ice cream has never tasted SO good! (and fro-yo, too) ;D

    Gosh, Susy! You always are so sexy. I love how gorgeous you look while rocking them glasses! Only some people look good with glasses, and you are DEF one of them! I wish I could look that good wearing glasses...but I don't, that's why I like to wear contacts! I can't wait to hear about your Lasik experience!! I dream and lust for perfect and improved vision!!

    ♥ caroline

  9. @Jilli - chamango drink!? WHAA I must look this up!
    @Joy - she better love me - i'm offering her a lifetime of protection at the playground. She will be like Renee Graziano - untouchable. HAHAHAHAH yea right jk jk jk jk
    @jen - yeahhhhhh Lasik!! you should seriously consult your eye doctor and they can talk you through it!
    @Linda - I took French like a zillion years ago. I don't remember much so I was semi-useless when I was in Paris. It's okay though, the majority of Parisians there spoke Spanish AND English so I was able to converse with them :) I will definitely blog about my Lasik experience!! Too bad I can't vlog it or take photos.. I'llb going on my own hahaha
    @ Christine - thanks hottie!! I rarely ever wear my caps out either but I LOVE THEM.
    @Angelique - Lasik is BANK but consult your eye doctor! you know you can always ask me any questions and I'll try to answer as best as I can.
    @ Michelle - good luck!! I believe Peachy Keen is from the China Glaze Spring collection
    @ Caroline - Hi little one! The watermelon beer actually has a strong wheat taste to it but it isn't heavy. There is a slight watermelon scent and aftertaste to it. It's actually pretty refreshing. It's from a local San Francisco brewery called 21st Amendment BUT they do sell it at BevMo in a 6pack. It's seasonal I believe. I don't know if you will find it in SoCal BevMos. I used to hate the way I look in my glasses but after wearing them 24/7 for a week, I'm more used to it.