Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 in retrospect

It feels like such a loooong time ago that I just started this blog, yet at the same time it feels like yesterday. How cliche of me to say eh?
A lot of things have come and gone this year, but for those who have stayed - I am eternally grateful.
I think of all things, I've learned about myself more than I have this year than in any year past. This has been one amazing journey and although I'm apprehensive about my next one, I say this to 2011

i was born ready

Together As One w/ Tony, James & at that time not quite yet Mr. Susyness
goodbye 2009, hello 2010
Together As One w/ Tina, a toast to a decade of friendship and to the next decades...
my buddy Jeff had to escort me all over New Jersey and New York and not to mention put up with me for a whole 18 hours before I could jump out from behind a newsstand and surprise Ej.
 journeyed to New York to surprise my friend Ej.. I always miss her

finally being in New York w/ my partner in crime, Melissa. she'd tell me stories about when she lived in New York and I always wanted to go so bad. we talked about being there together - we made it happen
having girls night out - never really did these before!
 Melissa helped me make a diaper cake... for the very 1st time..
Jocelyn & Thomas' baby shower
1st blog meetup ever and they're all bay area ladies!
Ronnie, myself, Caroline (who is now a Socal lady), Ping, Sophia, Serena
 shortly after the baby shower, my little niece Hannah came a tad early.
i did a whole lotta "dance like nobody's watching" business
so grateful I finally met Angelique <3
our London boys in Vegas for Amar's stag party! We also met Wayne Rooney and Mel ended up in a British tabloid magazine in a shot next to Rooney lol!! Congrats again Amar!
xtinaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! aaaaaaangeliqqqueeeeee!!!
my beautiful SoCal ladies: Xtina, Giang, Angelique, Tiff
an awesome 28th of August
love you bro.
Mr. Susyness was pretty trashed on his birthday, and it was the time i've seen him that drunk.
my dancing shoes got quite a work out this year.
There was London...
[above image courtesy of]
then my San Francisco Giants won the World Series!!!!!
Rafael, Brenda, Melissa and I watched the win all the way from Amsterdam...
Believe me, we didn't stop celebrating until about 6:30am.
 No matter where I am - BLACK & ORANGE FOR LIFE!!!
so proud that I almost started crying!
ran through the streets of the red light district of Amsterdam with other San Franciscans celebrating the win! what an incredible experience!
then we had Paris xoxo
i turned 26!
freakin Jeff finally came back to California for a visit. I had to swoop that mofo up from the airport and put up with him on a roadtrip to Los Angeles! I guess it was payback for Jersey for New York huh? Jk betch, you know I heart ya.

A lot of traveling happened this year without me even realizing it. New York, Vegas (multiple times), Los Angeles (year round, non-stop sometimes every other weekend), London, Paris, Barcelona... I can only dream of 2011. 

Bring it.


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