Friday, January 29, 2010

buenos dias mi putas!

Alright. I'm finally creating my own "beauty blog." My attempts at being a YouTube "makeup guru" were pretty pathetic. I am just too damn lazy to film & edit videos. Not to mention it takes forever and a day to upload and process them on YouTube!?

So this is my disclaimer. The focus of this blog will be on beauty products but every now and then i'm going to spout off/vent/rant about crap.. Sometimes posts will be just for shits & giggles but I must warn you that I am a huge foodie as well so that will work its way in here.

Let's get on with the show y'all.

I have fine, dry hair but I was born with A TON of it. My mane gets THICK yo, like a horse's tail when I tie it up. Lately it's been a bitch to manage (o yeh.. I cuss like a dirty sailor) because i'm trying to grow out my A-line Victoria Beckham bob cut. I've quit American shampoos. Screw that nonsense! I'm all about SHISEIDO!!
Now I rotate shampoos every 2-3 months. This is what i've used: Herbal Essences (smells good & works good the 1st day, but then dries my hair out), Pantene Pro V (Ice Shine), Tresseme (made my hair too greasy) , Bedhead Moisture Maniac (it got expensive) and the list goes on and on. I'm currently just on this: Shiseido Tsubaki Shining (in the red bottle).

I just want you mofos to know, I was no way whatsoever paid for this or were given the products for free. I bought the shampoo + conditioner with my own hard earned money at my own free will. It was $12 for the shampoo, $12 for the conditioner. What I love the most about it is how the products are in a PUMP bottle. Easy to get while showering!! Also, you can buy REFILLS for the bottles. No waste like American shampoos..

Right after I blow dried my hair, I noticed that it was EXTRA shiny. I felt like Charlotte in Sex & The City "Is my hair too shiny today?" yes bitch, my hair is THAT shiny, hahahah! It also didn't feel dried out after the blowjob (blow drying you tard!). It also kept my fly aways down, and I have a TON of them because my head is chock full of baby hairs.


  1. Yayuh! I am the very first comment on your very first post! I am extremely honored~ Woohoo! Hahahahaha. Rub joo betch.

  2. Hey Susy! I'll read your bloggity blog! =) -Chau

  3. I used to use F. Fekkai shampoo (and still do when traveling) but after visiting Japan in 2008 I got hooked on Japanese shampoo! It works great, and it saves moola! Try Lux..I'll get you a bottle of conditioner n shampoo the next time I go to the store. It's my fave n it smells good, which is so, so important.
    Anyways, cute blog! Tell me where to get a cute, yet inexpensive make-up case/train! Lol. Ttyl hun!

  4. I used to sell Shiseido skin care and makeup years ago and didn't know that they have a hair care line. I keep seeing infomercials on Wen Hair Care. Would you consider trying that?

  5. @ Tash - I saw the Lux shampoo at Ichiban Kan where I bought the Shiseido one!! I was tempted to pick that one up too but the Shiseido ones are pretty big so it will take me a little while to finish. Does it smell like candy?? I love the way the Shiseido one smells. The conditioner reminds me of fruity hi-chews but once my hair dries it smells different. Very subtle but still somewhat sweet scent.

    @ Pam - I've never heard of Wen Hair Care. I think i'd have to find some testimonials from people or something. I only started using the Shiseido one because one of my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE beauty bloggers recommended it. It has been working extremely well for my hair.

  6. Hello Lady S.! (your name is Susy, right?)

    Yay! I'm your lucky 27th follower! :D I just love your personality...your humor...the way you so honestly and bluntly state things as they are...and dirty sailor mouth makes it all the more fun! :D You captivated me after your very first post (I kind of started backwards and read your most recent post...then just worked my way back here to the beginning)! I randomly stumbled over to your blog from Jen's (frmheadtotoe) blog. I was leaving her a comment, saw your hot profile pic, and had to drag my curious arse over here to check you out ;) Needless to say, you're a winner and I'm now following! :D

    <3 caroline